Creating timeless cake designs is what I do best 💫

Your wedding cake should be a stunning centrepiece that matches your venue and theme perfectly.

Imagine looking back and saying, `Oh, remember our wedding cake? It was perfect! It matched every detail of my dress, and Auntie Margaret could not get over how beautiful it was.`

Swipe to see some of my favourite designs from the past few months to get inspired for your wedding day.

I craft each cake with meticulous care, making sure it’s both a feast for the eyes and a delight for your taste buds.

Interested in a bespoke cake that reflects your unique style and vision? Let’s chat and start planning your dream cake today!

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I’m being distracted by the arrival of our gorgeous grandson, Jude 🧸, sorry . . . not sorry 😂, please bear with me I will catch up with the enquiries and replies 🩵, we’re besotted! 🩵 #newgrandparents #newbaby #cutenessoverload ...

Dreaming of a fairytale wedding?

Then your cake should be just as enchanting as the rest of your wedding ✨

I love working with couples to create cakes that not only taste incredible but also perfectly complement the style of your wedding day. Imagine walking into your venue and seeing a stunning cake that wows all your guests and becomes a striking centerpiece of your wedding reception.

I focus on chic and timeless cake designs, making sure every element is just as you imagined 💫

If you want to learn more about how I can design your bespoke fairytale wedding cake, send me a quick message and let’s start planning together!

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Your wedding cake design journey should be a personal one 🤍

"Choosing a cake for our wedding was a tricky business, as we wanted to get the style and flavours spot on. From the moment I met Lisa, I knew she would make this process a smooth one. Not only was she helpful in talking us through the logistics of the cake, but she was warm, kind and fun to be around, which made the whole process even more enjoyable. We wanted something simple and elegant, and Lisa brought our whole vision to life."
- Sarah -

It always brings a big smile to my face whenever I receive such lovely feedback like this from my couples.

Sarah & Timur’s wedding cake was an absolute joy to create, reflecting their heritage, family and wedding style in an elegant and bespoke design.

If you have ideas for your dream wedding cake, send me a message and let`s chat about making it a reality!

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Vision vs Reality

If you know me or have ever chatted with me at an open day or wedding fayre - you might be able to get the sense that I am always creating 💫

Whether I am gathering inspiration from a wedding venue or the calligraphy on a wedding invitation - my mind is always seeing designs and patterns everywhere I go!

And this was true when I was chatting to the lovely Harriet Christelow, I mentioned that her posts showing her creating lace on her new sewing machine had my brain whirring with cake designs. The intricate bespoke lace designs on her gowns are absolutely exquisite and I could not help but start designing an elegant cake adorned with lace detailing in my head!

This is how this beautiful wedding cake design came to be - from my vision to a stunning reality.

My mission for every wedding cake I design is to add personalised and custom elements to ensure the cake is truly bespoke and reflects your wedding.

That might be adding sugar flowers that are the same as your bridal bouquet, inspiration from the design of your wedding dress, or pastel-coloured piping that reflects the colours at your venue - I ensure your wedding cake is nothing short of perfection.

Bridal Designer - @harrietchristelow
Photographer - @max_christelow_photography Models - @_laurenrrose, @sadetu_a, @rikkicade Backdrop - @rusticrcreations
Makeup - @clare_bridal
Cake - @weddingcakesbylisa
Head pieces and bouquets - @foodfriendsflowers Heart Vases - @r.c.battle
Studio - @thebrightonstudio

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Debating a colourful wedding cake?

Not sure if a chic white wedding cake or a more modern and colourful cake is right for you? Take a look at my couple`s wedding cake design that incorporates a delicate peach and white marble design.

C&B wanted their cake to reflect their overall colour scheme and to have something that reflected their bubbly personalities.

If you want more elegant and unique wedding cake ideas, head over to my website to see my gallery of luxury and bespoke wedding cakes 🤍

Photo: @prbedford
Venue: @wotton_house_hotel

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Need a Wedding Cake all of your guests will love?

If you have a dietary requirement or have guests that are gluten-free or vegan, then let`s create a cake that everyone can enjoy!

My lovely couple C&C decided to have 6 gluten-free vanilla cupcakes to accompany their wedding cake to cater for all of their guests.

"Lisa the cake was so fabulous we had so many compliments!! Thank you so much! And the GF cupcakes were amazing! Thank you x" - Charlotte.

After having a consultation with C&C, I helped them choose which cakes would be suitable for Coeliacs and design both their wedding cake and cupcakes that reflected the style and vibe of their wedding.

By getting to know my couples through consultations I can offer my expert advice and guidance so you get the wedding cake for your dreams 🤍

Venue: @wotton_house_hotel
Photo: @mattparryphoto
Cake: @weddingcakesbylisa

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Denbies Wedding Fair Alert!

Seeking a wedding cake designer? Look no further! Join me at the Denbies Wedding Fair tomorrow, Sunday 23rd June, from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. I’ll be showcasing my wedding cakes. Stop by my table for a “cake chat” and meet other recommended suppliers.

📍 Location: Denbies Wine Estate, Dorking, Surrey
📅 Date: Sunday, 23rd June
⏰ Time: 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

See you there! 👰🤵 #WeddingFair #CakeDesigner #surreyweddingvenues #surreycakedesigner #recommendedsupplier #denbieswedding #denbiesvineyard

If you are anything like me, you love Pinterest for a bit of inspiration 🤍

When it comes to weddings, Pinterest is bursting with stunning wedding cake ideas, and it can seem overwhelming with options!

My advice to couples is to create dedicated Pinterest boards for your dream wedding cake, such as `Floral Cake Designs` or `Luxury Desert Table Ideas`.

Save your favourite cake designs that have your dream colour palette, shape and detailing so I can create your bespoke cake from your inspiration.

Searching Pinterest for keywords like `luxury wedding cakes` and `elegant cake designs` will always bring up fabulous suggestions!

If you need some delicate and sophisticated wedding cake ideas, head to my website for more inspiration on what we can create together ✨

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Sentimental and Personalised Cake Designs     

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Georgina and Matt on creating a very special and sentimental wedding cake.     

My couple chose to have a replica of Georgina`s grandparents` 1950s wedding cake, just like her parents had, right down to every detail and pipework design.

We decided to add heart shapes into the wedding collar design which included the couple`s initials so their wedding cake was personal to them.    

This was an adventure and allowed me to create a wedding cake that is not my usual style but was an absolute joy to create for Georgina and Matt.    

This special wedding cake was my couple`s beautiful way of including Georgina`s parents and grandparents on their big day.  

I love being able to add personalised touches and designs to the cakes I design, as this is how my couple have bespoke, one-of-a-kind wedding cakes that are full of sentimental meanings.     

If you want to see how I can create your bespoke luxury wedding cake, get in touch with me today via my link in bio 🤍

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When are you having your cake cutting?

This is completely up to you and can be done whenever during your wedding reception.

The most popular times to cut your cake are straight after your wedding breakfast and before your first dance so all of your guests are gathered together. But you can have it at any point during the day, after all, it`s your special day so have it your way!

Maybe you think your guests would love some wedding cake during cocktail hour or later on during the evening once more guests have arrived to celebrate with you.

Let me know in the comments when you plan to cut your cake 👇

Photo: @prbedford
Venue: @wotton_house_hotel

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Looking ahead to next year already?

Are you surrounded by friends and family members` weddings and are excited for your own next year?

Then this is the perfect time to book your wedding suppliers and wedding cake!

Let`s get excited together and jump on a call to chat about your wedding and your dream cake 🍰

I still have some popular summer weekends available for 2025, so don`t miss out and secure your wedding date with me by filling out my enquiry form on my website today ✨

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Get to know me ✨

Hi, I`m Lisa, the founder, CEO, lead designer and baker here at Wedding Cakes By Lisa.

I`ve been a cake maker for over 20 years and it is my main passion in life, however, you can still find me in London, visiting the latest exhibitions, especially making use of my V&A membership, horse racing, who doesn`t love to dress up and having family time on my weekends when I am not delivering or setting up wedding cakes!

But for the next few months at least I will be in my design haven of a cake workshop creating stunning and elegant wedding cakes that I just cannot wait to get started on 🍰

The busy wedding season is already upon us, but I still have some available dates for 2024 for those of you who have not secured your wedding cake designer yet. If your wedding is a few months away then this is the time you need to be booking your cake maker to ensure you have enough time for design consultations and more importantly cake tasting!

Head to my link in bio to fill out my contact form today to enquire about my availability for your wedding date ✨

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Let me share a secret with you about sugar flowers💮

These dainty and beautiful handmade flowers take over an hour to make EACH!   

These realistic and edible sugar flowers are all made by hand - each individual petal is crafted and painted to create the texture and visual effect of real flowers.   

They take years to master and a lot of dedication, time and patience to create these works of art, but they are well worth it if you want to add that WOW factor!   

Still undecided if sugar flowers or real flowers will work best for your dream wedding cake?    Book to have a call with me via my website and we can chat about what design and style will look fabulous for your wedding 🤍

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Spring Wedding Cake Inspiration

I love spring and summer, they are full of colours and more importantly flowers!

I take inspiration from the seasons as well as your wedding flowers and bridal bouquet when it comes to adding edible flowers to your wedding cake design.

From hyper-realistic and delicate sugar-paste flowers to dainty flower pipework, I enjoy creating bespoke and elegant florals that add an extra something special to your wedding cake!

If you have your summer wedding booked and would like to have personalised floral designs on your wedding cake, get in touch with me via the link in bio to chat with me today about your wedding cake ideas ✨

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Everyone needs a sample 🍰

Because I could argue that this is the best part of planning your wedding - getting to taste endless cake flavours and be creative with your cake design!

I always recommend having a Cake Tasting Box from me so you can sample 5 different flavours before choosing your favourites.

These sample boxes get sent to you so you can enjoy them in your own time with your partner, and maybe a glass of champagne to go with it? 🍷

If you are ready to taste my top 5 wedding cake flavours - or want to be a tad more experimental and go for a more unique flavour combination - head to my website to order your Cake Tasting Box today 🤍

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Love the look of my work and wedding cake style?

Want to know how I can design your custom wedding cake?

Follow these 3 steps:

1 - First, head over to my website to submit an enquiry through my contact form.

2 - I will be in touch to organise an in-person or video consultation where we can discuss your vision and design ideas.

3 - After your head is filled with inspiration from our consultation together, there is an option to sample a variety of cake flavours in my luxurious cake-tasting boxes. Posted to your home for a small fee, these are perfect for those who wish to indulge in a variety of freshly-made and handpicked cake flavours before making a booking.

It is as simple as getting in touch with me and we can go from there!

As a friendly, chatty and creative cake designer, I will get to know all about you and your wedding plans so I can create a bespoke and truly unique wedding cake that not only reflects your personal style but also mirrors your wedding colours and aesthetic.

So if you are ready to book a friendly chat with me to discuss your wedding cake plans, click the link in bio to book via my website today.

Photo: @davidcphotography
Venue: @thesavoylondon
Cake: @weddingcakesbylisa

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Here at Wedding Cakes by Lisa, I take pride in the small details and personalised designs to ensure each wedding cake is of the highest quality and always bespoke.

My passion is to deliver show-stopping cakes and dessert tables that wow your guests 💫

From delicate handmade sugar flowers to luxurious towering tiered cakes, when you work with me to design your bespoke wedding cake you are guaranteed to fall in love with the end product!

To learn more about how I can create your custom wedding cake and dessert table, click the link in bio to fill out my enquiry form and I will be in touch with you 🤍

Photographer: @pebbleheavenphotography

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Out, out on a Saturday Night @dlicious_magazine Awards 2023! @leedscastleuk ...

I’m so excited to share the news that I have won the Hitched Wedding Awards 2024! Being recognised as one of the best wedding professionals in the UK is truly an honour.

I want to express my deepest gratitude to all my wonderful couples who have left such positive reviews. Moments like this make all the hard work worthwhile and remind me of why I love my job so much. I feel incredibly fortunate to do what I do.

This is the second year in a row that I’ve received this award, which tells me I must be doing something right! #HitchedWeddingAwards2024 #awardwinningcakedesigner #weddingcakedesigner

Thank you, @hitcheduk 🥰

Loving the heart shaped macaron’s! Perfect as a last minute Valentine’s gift ❤️ #valentinesgift #valentinemacarons #lastminutevalentinesgift #macarons #olbaa ...

I’ve been so busy with consultations and behind the cake stuff that I never got round to offering Valentine’s Gifts, seeing all the red and pink around gave me FOMO, I missed the buzz of Valentines so I had to get the mixer out, look at these cute heart macarons! ❤️ #valentinesgift #valentinemacarons #lastminutevalentinesgift #macarons ...

Hey there, Amazing Clients, Fabulous Venues and "Other Suppliers . . . you know who you are!

And just like that we`re at the end of 2023!

Wow, what a year 2023 has been! I just wanted to take a moment to say a HUGE thank you to each and every one of you. Your support and trust in me has meant the world, and I have loved every minute of working with you.

To my clients - you`re the best! Thank you for choosing me to be a part of your special day and family celebrations.

To my venues - you rock! Thank you for having me as your recommended supplier, it is a pleasure to work with you and I look forward to strengthening our partnership in the coming years.

And hey, 2024 couples, this is your year! I can`t wait to be a part of the beautiful weddings that the new year will bring.

So here`s to you, and to a fabulous 2024! Let`s make it a year filled with laughter, love, and unforgettable experiences. @byebye2023

Rustic elegance redefined! This wedding cake, adorned with delicate sugar roses and gyp with a textured finish, proves that rustic can indeed be elegant.

Don’t be fooled by the size of the roses - they require just as much time and effort as a full-sized rose!

A heartfelt congratulations to Yongfan and Lee on their wedding at Westerham Golf Club back in October. Thank you for choosing me to be a part of your special day. #AutumnWedding #weddingcake #sugarflowers #2023wedding #weddingcakes #kentcakes #westerhamgolfclub #2024wedding #kentwedding #kentweddingcakes #londonweddings #weddingdressinspiration #luxuryweddings #designercakes #roberthaynesflowerpaste #hitcheduk #recommendedsuppliers

Attention all wedding couples! The 2024 Planner has landed! If you are yet to lock in your wedding date with me, the time is now. 2024 is booking up quickly! Do not miss out on securing your date and securing me to craft the wedding cake of your dreams. Act fast before it’s too late! #dreamwedding #2024BridesAndGrooms #londoncakes #londonweddingcakes #londonweddingcakedesigner #luxuryweddings #designercakes #surreyweddingcakes #kentweddingcakes #PerfectlyPlanned2024

2024 Planner

Embracing the beauty of our seasons, Sach & Courtney’s wedding at Westerham Golf Club was a stunning display of Autumnal elegance. The colour palette was a symphony of oranges and nudes, reflecting the warm shades of Autumn.

Each tier of their wedding cake was a different design: bold colours, marbled sugar paste adorned with gold leaf embellishments, and a top tier with a royal iced lace design. Handmade sugar roses added the burst of colour.

The hoop separator had a clear acrylic disc with their initials in gold, adding a personal touch. The cake was displayed on my gold hoop stand with a rustic wooden base, perfectly complementing the theme. The flavours of the cake were Coffee Valencia, Morello Cherry & White Chocolate, and Strawberry & Pink Champagne.

Truly, it was a celebration of love and the beauty of Autumn! Congratulations to Sach & Courtney, it was a pleasure to make your wedding cake! #AutumnWedding #weddingcake #sugarflowers #royalicing #monogram #quicksandroses #2023wedding #weddingcakes #kentcakes #westerhamgolfclub #2024wedding #kentwedding #kentweddingcakes #londonweddings #weddingdressinspiration #luxuryweddings #designercakes #roberthaynesflowerpaste #hitcheduk #recommendedsuppliers

Venue: @westerhamgolfclub
Cake: @weddingcakesbylisa
Acrylic Monogram: @topperthecake
Cake Stand: @bramblesky2014
Cake Hoop Separator: Prop Options



We hope you feel inspired by Lisa’s cake designs and we look forward to working with you to create the cake of your dreams.